Puerto Rican Holidays

Puerto Rico has a bunch of public holidays.  The US territory observes most American holidays as well as many of its own.  On holidays, all public and government offices are closed.  Many businesses also close for holidays in PR, so make sure to stock up on celebration supplies!!


January 1-New Year’s Day

January 6-Three Kings’ Day

January 13-Eugenio María de Hostos’s Birthday

January 20-Martin Luther King’s Birthday

February 17-Washington’s Birthday

March 22-Abolition of Slavery Day

April 18-Good Friday

April 21-José de Diego’s Birthday

May 26-Memorial Day

July 4-U.S. Independence Day

July 21-Luis Muñoz Rivera’s Birthday

July 25-Puerto Rico’s Constitution Day

July 27-José Celso Barbosa Day

September 1-Labor Day/Santiago Iglesias Pantín Day

October 12-Discovery of America Day/Hispanic Day

November 11-Armistice Day/Veterans’ Day

November 19-Puerto Rico’s Discovery Day

November 27-Thanksgiving Day

December 25-Christmas Day

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