Rincon Restaurant Info

Here’s a quick list of restaurants and their phone #’s around Rincon, Puerto Rico


RUM SHACK RESTAURANT & BAR (THE LAZY PARROT INN)    casual dining      787-823-0101

LPR (THE LAZY PARROT INN)   creative international cuisine   787-823-0101

TAMBOO SEASIDE GRILL    American and Caribbean cooking     787-823-8550

THE TAPAS BAR AT CASA ISLEÑA RESTAURANT    Spanish-inspired dining     787-823-1525

HARBOR RESTAURANT     Caribbean creole seafood French    787-823-0547

PANCHO VILLA MEXICAN RESTAURANT     Mexican food     787-823-8226

SHIPWRECK RESTAURANT AT TAINO DIVERS     home-style international cuisine     787-823-0578

THE SPOT @ BLACK EAGLE RESTAURANT     bbq and more     787-823-3510   787-823-3510

BRUMAS BAR & GRILL     casual dining     787-823-7068

HORNED DORSET PRIMAVERA     ultimate dining experience, reservations only.     787-823-4030

LA ANA DE COFRESI RESTAURANT     steaks, seafood, and Puerto Rican cuisine     787-823-2450

LA CIMA RESTAURANT     traditional Puerto Rican cuisine     787-823-1072

RINCON NATIVO     sports bar & grill     787-823-4922

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